Prof. Bhaskaran Raman (Department of CSE) of the prestigious institute of IIT Bombay,has appealed to the Hon’ble President and Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to reopen the schools in India.

Prof. Raman states that the cost-benefit analysis is overwhelmingly in favour of reopening the schools. Regarding recent talks around vaccinating children under the age of 18 years, Prof. Raman states that the risk benefit analysis behind this is also overwhelmingly against vaccinating the children.

Prof. Raman has backed up his appeal by citing various research reports and studies published in reputed journals and newspapers.

The letter appeal dated July 6, 2021 is presented in four sections:

    • Status and comparison with other parts of the world
    • The extreme costs of keeping children out of school
    • Negligible risk of Covid-19 for children
    • Schools do not play a significant role in spread of Covid-19
    • On new variants and possible third wave affecting children
    • Covid-19 vaccines for children : little benefit for huge risk

    The 7 page letter appeal, copy of which is marked to Indian Bar Association, concludes with a summary that states there is an overwhelming case for reopening schools in India with immediate effect.

    IBA has sent its Representation Letter to Hon’blePresident and Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on July 8, 2021 requesting them to urgently consider the appeal of Prof. Bhaskaran Raman.

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